Monday, 28 May 2007

Genesis P-Orridge with Throbbing Gristle, performing their music for Derek Jarman's super-8 films. Tate Modern, Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture. Shame that the concept and concert this Saturday was quite so poor. Derek Jarman had genius, but it wasn't really captured in his Super 8s. And the growly ambient dullness that constituted TG's soundtrack to them rarely interested or enthralled, failing to reflect, capture or complement Jarman's thin home movies. Searching for a description of what they played for us, what comes most to mind is a slightly sinister version of Steve Hillage's notorious 70s album Fish Rising, but with some bass grumbling and a bit of feedback. Sad that its come to this - once cultural mind-shifters, now slightly grumpy prog-rockers with fake tits. Nice drawing, though!