Friday, 22 June 2007

The KPM Allstars performed on Sunday night at Royal Festival Hall as part of Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown.

It was a pleasure to see these five composers conduct a fifteen piece band through some of the tunes they had written for music library KPM. The tunes, originally recorded in a small studio in Denmark St. Soho, and released in a KPM green sleeve, were often made famous as themes to shows like "Dallas", "Mr. Ben", "Monday Night Football" in the US and "The Dave Allen Show". Other tunes fit the easy listening lounge category, and others are just great dance numbers, like Duncan Lamont's "Funky Express".


Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the work of all these musicians, i play their records out all the time, but have never seen any of them, not even photos. I'm glad you were able to see the show. I'd like to see the set list.

Tony Thorne said...

The drawings were done at the end of the performance when there was a Q&A. The MC (whose name escapes me) has also written a book on the history of KPM.

I think these guys were a little surprised by the hipster attention they were recieving, but loving it. They are planning other gigs.