Monday, 21 July 2008

Hawthorn V St Kilda Telstradome Saturday

First Quarter: Hawks 5.4: 34 Saints 3.1: 19
Woman in front, Go you Hawks! Gawd they are playin' well, we are gonna cream 'em.

Second Quarter: Hawks 10.7: 67 Saints 6.3: 39
Woman in front, Go Hawks, this is gonna be our year I just know it. (To me),What the hell are you doing? You've spent half the game drawing the crowd, what's wrong with you, don't you love football?
My Brother, Maybe he loves football very much, that's why he's drawing it.

Third Quarter: Hawks 12.8: 80 Saints 14.5: 89
Woman in front, C'mon you Hawks supporters stand up for your team!
My Father, Look we've all paid good money to be here and I didn't pay to see your back.

Fourth Quarter: Hawks 13.11: 89 Saints 18.11: 119
Woman in front, Jeez I hate this game.

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