Monday, 29 December 2008

In 1992 Hardcore Australia, a skate company in Melbourne, (who would eventually make Globe shoes), commissioned me to design some deck graphics for three entry level skateboards. These were mass produced in Asia and Hardcore were kind enough to give me samples of the final products.

I'd always thought they would make an interesting chair, so over Christmas I roughed out a design and my father built it.

The timber is recycled Tasmanian Myrtle. We found the strength of the decks meant that we could keep the design very simple, and the chair is surprisingly comfortable to sit on.


stylethread said...

that is really cool! what a great way to display your work in a useful fashion. your father has always been pretty handy with wood -- do your parents still use the camper they built?

~ Kris

Tony Thorne said...

Thanks Kris, I'm glad you like it. The camper now sits beside the shed where we made the chair. In fact I slept in it on Christmas night when things got a little crowded.